Event Summary

Graduate Academic Exploration Night - Education

Wednesday, March 07, 2018
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Status: Space Available
Registration period closes Thursday, March 08, 2018
Kean University Academic Exploration Night

Join us for Kean’s Education Academic Exploration Night, Wednesday, March 7 in the STEM Auditorium where you will be able to meet our world-class faculty, listen to student demonstrations and learn pertinent information you need to decide if Kean is the right choice for you.

The following programs will be represented that night:

Instruction and Curriculum - Bilingual/Bicultural Education (M.A.) (Cert)
Instruction and Curriculum - Teaching English as a Second Language (M.A.) (Cert)
Non-Degree Alternate Route ESL
Early Childhood Education
  • Administration in Early Childhood & Family Studies (M.A.)
  • Advanced Curriculum & Teaching (M.A.)
  • Classroom Instruction - P-3 Certification (M.A.)
Certification in Early Childhood Education P-3
Non-Degree Alternate Route P-3
Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)
Educational Administration (M.A.) (Cert)
  • School Business Administrator (M.A.) (Cert)
  • Supervisor and Principal (M.A.) (Cert)
  • Supervisors, Principals & School Business Administrators (M.A.) (Cert)
Exercise Science (M.S.)
Fine Arts Education
  • Initial Teaching Certification (M.A.)
  • Supervision (M.A.)
Hindi and Urdu Language Pedagogy (M.A.)
Reading Specialization - Reading Specialist (M.A.) (Cert)
Special Education (M.A.) (Cert)
Autism and Developmental Disabilities (M.A.)
  • Learning and Behavioral Disabilities (M.A.)
  • Certification in Teacher of Students with Disabilities
  • Post-Master’s Certification - Applied Behavior Analysis: Autism and Developmental Disabilities
  • Post-Master's Certification - Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDTC)
Counseling Education
  • School Counseling (M.A.)
  • School Counseling (M.A.) and LPC Qualification
  • Certification for Student Assistance Coordinator
  • Post-Master's Certification - Director of School Counseling
  • Post-Master's Non-Degree - Licensed Professional Counselor
Social Work (M.S.W.)
Speech Language Pathology (M.A.)
Doctorate in Speech Language Pathology (SLPD)
School Psychology (Professional Diploma)